The assembly of switchboard equipment

The process of switchboard equipment assembly is an important and responsible part of the manufacture, which is the next stage. The assembly is carried out by complying to the requirements of the assembly process for each product, which, in turn, are assembled on the basis of design documentation for this product. This approach provides the required quality, safety, performance and operational characteristics.

Requirements for personnel of the assembly process

Assembling the switchboard equipment requires certain skills and abilities. Therefore, to assemble switchboards are allowed only professionals with appropriate knowledge, experience, certification and have passed a special tests which allow to perform a particular type of work.

Assembly process steps

The assembly process can be done either directly on the electrotechnical equipment installation site or production site of the manufacturer. Each assembly process is different, because of differences in equipment of electrical control devices. Nevertheless, the following general stages:

1.  rail installation, when all devices and distribution bars are mounted on this rail;

2. electrical equipment installation in accordance with the project documentation;

3. connecting necessary links between the installed equipment;

4. Quality control, compliance and setting, and system efficiency.

All work must be carried out in strict compliance with the safety requirements defined by the regulations. After system assembly product is delivered to the customer, where mounting is performed. When assembling the switchboard equipment on the site, all work must be carried out with the power switched off.

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