Design of electrical switchboards (ES)

Design of electrical switchboard is a process of intellectual activity of the person or group of people, for determining technical solutions that provide the stated requirements for the functionality of the planned switching equipment.

Design is done in relation to specific objects, and based on customer requirements, which are set out of the technical project. Often, design engineers must be present in person at the facility, for which a draft of switchboard equipment, to get acquainted with all the specifics of the object. The design should be carried out with all the necessary information about the object and at defined stage.

Design stages ES

Design of electrical switchboards includes the following basic steps:

  1. Analysis of consumer electricity data (power, voltage, geographical location, etc.).
  2. Determination of the optimal solution, which includes the preparation of the network options, the choice of the necessary components for the functioning of the of switchboard equipment, including automatic selection. Also, this phase includes a feasibility assessment. Of the several options that fulfill the necessary technical requirements, choosing less expensive than providing to minimize the financial costs.
  3. Definition of the technical parameters in selecting the electrical equipment for a complete set of switchboard equipment, detailed design of the structural connections, the development of technology installation.
  4. Technical and economic calculations for the final settlement of material costs for the manufacture and installation of the electrical panel.
  5. Verifying the quality and completeness of the technical solutions and feasibility studies.

The result of the design process is a set of design, engineering, and technical documentation in the form of graphics and text documents that contain all the necessary data and solutions for the manufacture of switchboard equipment.

Facilities, used in the design of switchboard equipment.

During the process of design engineers use following:

  1. the current regulatory and technical documentation to help in the choice of standard solutions, as well as to the necessary restrictions.
  2. technological design standards, organize the search and decision-making.
  3. typical projects and basic decisions with standardized options, but taking into account the specific circumstances and requirements of the designed power distribution equipment.

Thus, the projection of switchboard equipment is a very responsible process, which should be trusted only to professionals with the necessary knowledge and experience.

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