Switchboard start-up works

Start-up works of switchboard equipment - the final production process, following the assembly and installation. Commissioning is the actuation of the assembled switchboard equipment. Before starting the equipment should be inspected and any necessary tests provided. Also possibility to carry out the work should be granted (the presence of power voltage, the ambient conditions according requirements). All work must be carried out by specially trained staff.

Requirements for commissioning

Commissioning must be carried out by experts with the necessary skills and knowledge. Also, commissioners must have documents confirming the passage of the special certifications and having a group of electrical tolerance for this type of work.

Stages of commissioning

Carrying out commissioning can be divided into the following stages:

1. Development of the project for commissioning, which includes requirements for safety, order and volume of work. Installation requirements for the number of commissioners and the list of equipment, tools and materials needed for the work. The project work approval by the customer.

2. Carrying out electrical work. Testing installed devices by applying a voltage from the temporary power source for each separate device. Testing ground insulation, setting up equipment. At detection of defects their removal should be performed. The test results are entered in the test report.

3. Configuring installed equipment, alarm systems, security, and automation. Testing of the equipment by supplying power from the main power supply. Test results are entered to the test protocol.

4.  Testing wiring and functioning of electrical equipment in different modes. Adjustment of devices and group of devices. Test results are entered to the test protocol as well.

5. The final stage - filling start-up protocol.

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