How to save on electrical heating?

At present, more and more residential and industrial facilities use electrical heating systems. Electrical heating has a number of advantages, the main ones are environmental friendliness, safety, compactness, simplicity and ease of operation.

  • Also, due to modern technologies used in the design and development of equipment for electrical heating systems, less often is faced opinion that this type of heating is expensive. Additionally, there are several ways to significantly reduce the cost of electricity by using these systems.

The main methods of energy saving in the electrical heating of premises is an additional warming of buildings and the use of thermostats and controllers that allow you to maintain a minimum temperature in periodically empty spaces, or automatically turn on and off heating equipment . Also it is possible to set certain temperature at the required time, or through set of time intervals.

Electrical heating in industrial plants

  • In industrial facilities electric heating is most often used to:

  • protection from freezing of water contained liquid in the pipes;
  • protection from paraffinization of oil contain substances;
  • prevent condensation;
  • establishing and maintaining the desired temperature of the production process;
  • protection against ice formation and accumulation of snow on the premises;
  • protection against increasing of soil volume, when it is wet under the foundations of cryogenic plants.

But the main condition for saving is a properly selected electrical heating control panel (its hardware). Today, control panels allow you to automate and optimize almost any electrical heating processes and conditions.

For example, the intensity of heating or enable or disable heating facilities can be carried out automatically according to the ambient temperature and the set parameters, thereby providing minimum power consumption at a constant power.
Also control boards allow control and monitoring of heating equipment, while providing rapid detection of leakage current, thus avoiding the loss of electricity and the related financial expenses

By using industrial electric heating, saving is provided by selecting the most suitable heating systems for specific objects and conditions.

The most common are resistive cable system, the self-regulating cable system, and inductively-resistive systems (skin system).


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