Lighting switchboard use and installation

Lighting switchboard - an electrical switchboard, the purpose of which is to ensure the protection and switching of lighting circuits. Lighting circuits, in turn, are arranged in a certain way in the zones. Each of these zones contains own switching group.

In addition it protects the electric lighting circuits from the current increase (overload) and short-circuit voltage up to 380 volts. Thus, it is a special case of the switchboard.

How it works?

As a rule, lighting switchboard consists of an enclosure with the door. The housing may be made of plastic or sheet metal. Inside enclosure are mounted circuit breakers for lighting control. To be able to switch on or off individual sections of the electrical lighting circuit without opening the door often control devices are mounted directly on the door. In order to completely disconnect from the mains input it is installed main circuit breaker.

  • According to installation rules lighting circuit switchboards are wall mounting type and can be mounted on walls, columns and other parts of constructions.

Safety and operating features

Operation is permitted only under certain environmental conditions:

When using lighting switchboard certain security measures should be taken into account. For example, cabinet must be equipped with protective earth. Switchboard cabinet grounding is performed joining power cables to the bus ground, which, in turn, is directly attached to the body , which is made of metal. Also, repair and maintenance should be carried out strictly after complete disconnection from mains power supply with an external switch disconnector.

  • ambient temperature range (+1...+35)⁰С;
  • Relative humidity must not exceed 60%;
  • lack of explosiveness, the concentration of corrosive gas and steam in the range, what not exceed the value at which the destruction of the materials from which the insulation, metal components electric cables and wires are made from
  • altitude (height above sea level), no more than 2000 m;
  • lack of shock and vibration.
  • To service a panel, which is connected to electricity, is strictly forbidden.


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