The main switchboard (MSB) in the industry and at home

The main switchboard (MSB) is the electrical device that is necessary for the supply, accounting and redistribution of power. MSB protects the network from increasing current (overload), short circuit and current leak.

Additionally, the device enables you to record energy consumption (if equipped with a MSB registration), as well as to make the control of the power distribution using the installed control and measuring equipment. Equipment is mounted in the MSB as a functional blocks in the panels, which are interconnected by mechanical contacts and electrical connections.

One additional object of the MSB is the ability to automatically switch from the primary power supply channel to backup in case of problems with the supply of electricity.

Use of MSB

MSB are mainly used in transformer substations, manufacturing plants, warehouses, office and other premises.

  • The most common type of MSB design is several floor standing cabinets. On the front of the cabinet are installed MSB output control devices, electronic indicators of alarm systems and monitoring.

Modern technologies allow to control and manage MSB remotely by the special remote control systems. These systems can significantly simplify monitoring of the main distribution boards.

For these objects are used devices which are structurally made as block with connections for switching the measurement devices, actuators, power supply, also USB or RS232 - interface for connection to a computer.

For example, remote control systems MSB can serve as control power supply voltage, transmit readings of electrical energy at regular intervals or on demand, signaling of emergency situation and remote control of emergency power supply system’s MSB.


Savings from the introduction of remote control MSB is achieved by reducing maintenance costs and reducing fault searching, reaction and repair time or warning before fault appears.
Additional benefits are achieved through the operational management of energy distribution, when there is a shortage of power supply capacity.


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